Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 30 Guilderton to Perth 110 kms

The rain didn't let up all night and everyone was so pleased that we were in cabins and all tents dry. Theo got the big bed in one cabin, Georg in the other and Collis and I in the other. The others all shared the bunks amongst them. We were all up and the first rider on the road by 0730 hours. This was our last day on this leg and Joan's very last day as she was not doing the last leg. Poor Chris has only one last day in the car and she declares she will never get in the car again. I am starting to wonder if Collis and I should get a complex as none of the riders like it in the van ( but that is because they prefer to be on the bike).
Morning tea was at Yanchep shopping mall where Collis shouted everybody coffee and cake. They then had 42 kms to ride down Marmion Ave to a spot picked out by Collis where we would again meet up with them. From here Collis would lead them into the War Memorial at Kings Park.
He rode Chris' bike to make sure Georg had put it back together properly after he borrowed Chris' back bike rim.
Chris and I had the route written out by Collis to follow in the car. All was going smoothly until we came to a No Through Road and I had to turn the truck with trailer around on my own. Wasn't the most successful U turn and I had alot of trouble reversing with Chris directing me which way to turn the wheel and when to stop as I was jack knifing.
After about 10 shots we eventually had turned around and were backon the road. Chris and I beat the riders by half an hour but they were all in before the rain started. Theo took off with his relatives before the photo shoot so we will have to try and draw him in.
Lunch plans were changed to the Botanical Cafe at the memorial due to the impending rain and the parking difficulties we would experience in the city. The meals were disappointing small for these hungry cyclists but everyone had a nice time.

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