Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 24 Galena Bridge to Kalbarri 85 kms

Well thank God everyone had the sense to remain in their sleeping bags until at least the sun came up this morning. It was another cold night and too cold to crawl out before there was at least some heat coming from the sun to help warm us. It was a beautiful morning once the sun came up and we all soon thawed out.
A lovely ride today with the wind mostly behind them after morning tea and no wind before morning tea. Morning tea was at the Ross Graham Lookout which is a spectacular spot with a river walk and a great lookout.
The road into Kalbarri has a great downhill run that goes on for quite a few kms and the scenery is beautiful with the sea peaking out from behind the hills. We had some cultivated pastures today and it felt strange coming back into some civilization after so long in the outback. The shrubs and trees have changed again with lots of wild
flowers and banksia (some flowering) along the side of the road. There were a couple of dead emus along the way as well. Collis commented on how we get upset at a dead emu but think nothing of all the roadkill of dead kangaroos and cows. Maybe because there are less emus around.
Rolled into the caravan park around lunchtime and everyone settled in. Chris went to the health centre here and had her leg inspected with a good report. Now she has to go to Geraldton to have her stitches removed. She has booked herself a cabin for the next 2 nights. Annie & Woody both upgraded to cabins within the park and Collis & I moved out to have some alone time at another abode in the town.

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