Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 16 Carnarvon Rest Day 0 kms

(Collis' insert)
Two days in the saddle for the riders. Kathy and I are trying to keep the troops happy and two days sitting on our arse in the car,we come to the fruit and veggie town of Carnarvon.
Got in late last night due to taking Chris to the hospital and thankfully she is slowly on the mend. Just these last few days, she has improved dramatically and it'll be no time and she will be back on the bike.
Did some shopping with Kath for Hamelin Station Stay and I had to hang around the beauty shop, as she was having a pedicure done(a pleasing colour). A side trip to the Harbour Fishing Area, picked up some Snapper wings, crab cakes and a rock cod fillet. Back to the caravan park via a local veggie farm. Tomatoes, shallots and cucumber salad made by Kath, I cooked the fish and asleep by about 9pm-a nice rest day-goodnight!!!

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