Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 10 Nanutarra to Giralia 158 kms

Woke late after a restless night. The camp wasn't noisy where we were but my mind would not rest. Not sure what is worrying me but just couldn't sleep. Maybe I've been getting way too much sleep on this trip.
Joan said the miners got pretty drunk last night and stayed sitting outside the roadhouse drinking and talking until 4 am. Georg said he heard nothing. The miners could not be working today as apparently they have to be breathalysed each day before work and they can't work if they are over a certain limit.
I woke to the sight of Ben fully dressed in his riding gear with his helmut on and his winter woolies on shivering and ready to take off on his bike. It was 6.20 am and just first light. Everyone, except Georg, was up having or finishing breakfast. Georg wanted to win some sort of prize for being the last out of camp. He won although when he got out on the road Mark was coming back towards camp from the opposite direction as to the way they were supposed to ride today. I told Georg if there was a prize then he would win it for today. There is no prize for the first or last out of camp.
American Independence Day today so we will have to have an American curry for dinner tonight and have it followed by an American fruit salad made with American fruit out of the can. Aussie custard is preferred.
More wild flowers today and some new varieties. Went past cave river where Chris climbed up to the cave and explored. Everyone arrived at Giralia farm stay by 4 pm after favorable winds for the most of the day. The camp kitchen here is very cosy.

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