Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 20 Denham Rest Day 0 kms

Up fairly early for a rest day as a couple of us were heading out to Monkey Mia for the dolphin feedings. Georg and Annie were the only ones that chose to travel with me in the car. The others decided to be more independent in their movements for the day but most eventually ended up at Monkey Mia. Poor old Chris thought the walking may be too much for her today so chose to remain at home.

Not many dolphins came in to feed on the first sitting but they came in in dribs and drabs today and eventually it appeared they had all been in for a feed with their babies. It was interesting to hear how dolphins sleep and how they feed their young but I can't say how because Annie will have this as one of her quiz questions.
Joan, Woody, Peter and Ben all rode out and Woody found Peter asleep under a palm tree. Peter stayed for quite awhile and witnessed a number of feedings. Ben and Joan both did the nature walk. Joan missed out on all the feedings.
On the way back into town we run into Collis going to the fair and sunday market. We joined him although Annie was a bit embarrassed by his attire of long johns under his shorts which he has worn a few times lately but not in public (she feels). Bought mostly fruit and vegies for the bush camp. I had bought a couple of presents for friends at the Monkey Mia shop and I have so much trouble trying to decide what to buy for the kids as they all hate my taste in everything.
Collis and I went out to Eagles Bluff in the afternoon and it was very pleasant and interesting. Georg fixed his back wheel by replacing it with Chris' wheel until he can get a new one down the track.
Georg, Woody and Peter decided to go out and have the seafood platter each as recommended by Annie. Collis, Annie and myself just went to the pub where I had the poor mans version of the seafood platter, Collis had roast pork and Annie a lasagne which was pretty small.
England won the first test of the ashes by 14 runs.

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