Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 26 Kalbarri to Northampton 105 kms

Woke to another cold morning although we happened to be in our lovely warm motel room and didn't realize how cold it was until we got out of the room. The briefing was for 7.15 in the camp kitchen at the caravan park. We arrive at 7.18 and Woody is waiting but there's no-one else around. I had a word to Woody last night about dressing for the cold weather as he continues to wear short sleeves and short pants and no socks and he constantly complains about the cold. Well, this morning he has long pants, socks, long sleeves and a beanie- he was warm at last. (Later in the day he said to someone he was hot with all this gear on but had not started to strip down- we will get it right soon Woody.)
Collis and I were packed up quickly this morning so we stopped off at the bakery to buy them a treat of cream cakes for morning tea as we feel it may be a big day for them. The wind is not favorable at the beginning and they are all fighting into it.
We come across Ben very early (like 5 kms) out of town, he appears to be doing all of the side trips this morning. We decide to do a little of our own sightseeing today and went out to Eagles Point and who comes up behind us but Ben. It is a magnificent view and we leave Ben there to wander down to the beach, the track looked a bit steep for me.
We had morning tea at Lynton Convict Settlement. We had been there last trip but I didn't get to climb the hill last time so Annie and I went up to have a look. Decent climb and we came across Ron who once owned the property and wanted to be buried on the hill.
So his family made a memorial of a man on a motorbike looking out over his land.very cute and some good photos taken. Morning tea was scheduled for 10.30 to 11.30 at 55 kms, well it was 65 kms and everyone was a little late. Woody said he was at the 55 km mark at 11.15.
Anyway we were still there at 1 pm as there was no sign of Ben. A voice message comes through on the phone but due to reception (or lack of) made it impossible to hear what was said and even to recognize the voice. So I sent a text to Ben explaining he would need to send a text as I thought it must have been him. In the meantime I climbed to a higher spot and got enough reception to be able to hear the message which was from Ben. He stated it was around 11 am and he was just at the cliff turnoff and would be late for morning tea. Late is one thing but it should not have taken him more than 2 hours to get to us unless something was wrong. We quickly pack up and head back, we hadn't got far before we came across him pedaling towards us. He was fine but exhausted, the wind was a killer and he had added an extra 20 kms at least onto his day. We gave him some morning tea and a couple of apples plus filled his bottles ( he had run out 10 kms back). He was pleased to hear there was only 40 kms to go.
We all got into town early afternoon and Georg did his usual of heading to the local hotel for a beer. Unfortunately he misjudged the gutter and came off his bike (he says this happened before his beer but I wonder) and he took the skin off the top of one finger, scraped both knees and hurt the ribs on his L) side. He said quite a few people watched it happen but no-one offered assistance. When Ben came in he went straight to the cafe to eat and then came to tell us that he had sprained his ankle just after we left him at Eagles Point whilst he was climbing down to the beach. He had ridden all day with this ankle but said it wasn't painful whilst on the bike, just when he is walking. I gave him some ice as not much else you can do for a bad ankle.
On Woody's recommendation we ate at the local hotel tonight plus they had a special of bangers and mash for $10.0 (Collis' type of price). Well Annie, Woody and I ordered the special but Collis went all out and had the lamb shanks. The bangers and mash were 3 skinny sausages and a lump of cold mashed potato, no gravy, no vegetables. We had waited nearly an hour and a half for this crap and we had ordered sticky date for dessert to be told that they had run out of that and no alternative. Needless to say we were not happy so asked to speak to the manager who apologized and offered us a round of drinks (Collis and Woody don't drink) but we were hungry not thirsty! We left and Annie and Woody got another meal at the roadhouse who were closing up but they could at least get something decent to eat and then they gave us a big packet of leftover chips and gravy for free. That's how to run a business.

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