Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 23 Billabong to Galena Bridge

How cold was it last night. No-one was too sure as we didn't have internet access to check how low it went. It was so cold but we all rose early even though it was slightly warmer in the bed. Joan continuously told us that it was 5 degrees while we ate breakfast. There really wasn't anywhere to go to warm up as those in the motel rooms said it was probably colder in their rooms than out in the tents.
The sun snuck out briefly so the first cyclists took off down the road. All of the thermals were put on and they gritted their teeth and rode onto morning tea. Most layers had come off by the time they reached morning tea as the weather had improved quite a bit. Very little wind before morning tea.
Things changed after morning tea, the wind became a head wind and the rain started to drizzle with the temperature dropping. Joan said that when it rained then at least the wind dropped off. It didn't rain for very long as it was only a small shower, just enough to make them wet and cold again. It was a tough riding day all round and Woody was pretty exhausted when he eventually got into camp.
Most got into Galena Bridge by 3 pm and we managed to get the best camp sites before the crowds came in. The water was alot lower than the last time we were there over 2 years ago. The boys actually pitched their tents below the water line of our last visit.
Lots of bird life around the river with black swans, swallows, finches, Port Lincoln parrots and a few other water birds. Even with the large numbers of caravanners in the area, it was still very peaceful and easy to meditate sitting next to the rivers edge. The wood supply is always pretty low in this campsite so Collis & I collected some after lunch and carried it to the campsite. Then we all went scrounging around and found some nice pieces.
Ben was the fire meister again this camp and he made us all proud with us having the best looking camp fire of all the fires going in our area.
Tonight I was cooking a vegetarian risotto with pumpkin, spinach, mushrooms, beans and capsicum. For dessert I was making a bread and butter pudding. I had pre- roasted the vegetables so cooking the meal was not so daunting as it can usually be. The bread and butter pudding was burnt on the bottom again, which is a bit disappointing. I had cooked it on a pile of hot coals with hot coals on the lid but next time I will try placing the bowl on a small stand above the hot coals and see if that will make a difference.
Woody was so tired he had fallen off to sleep in his tent just on the mattress and so when Collis woke him for dinner he was even more cold and shivering. We had to place him directly in front of the fire with his sleeping bag around his shoulders. He seemed to warm up as he ate a large helping of risotto but then Collis accidently spilt some boiling water onto his knee and he ended up with a small burn area- not his night!!
Everyone sat very close to the fire to keep warm and we had a nice chat with Theo reciting a little dogeral that he doesn't want published. It was very good. Collis taught Annie and Ben the delights of warming your deriere at an open fire and then we had trouble getting both of them away from the fire.

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