Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 12 Bullara Station to Coral Bay 71 kms

We discovered last night that it is the start of the school holidays which will mean lots of traffic and crowded caravan parks for the next 2 weeks. We are traveling through a popular area for Perth holiday makers. Should be fun!
Ben slept in today and won the prize for last out of camp- he left around 8 am. This is very late for him. Collis had to have one last outdoor shower before we left.
Morning tea is at the 40 km mark on the side of the road as there are a few hills today and probably a head wind, so even though they don't have far to go it may be tough.
It's morning tea and the 3 that have already gone through said it has been a dream ride so far today. The wind is just starting up now at 0945 where it usually kicks in around 9 am. Joan has just arrived complaining about how cold it is. Joan is from South Carolina and therefore is not used to the cold weather. Lucky she won't be doing the Nullabore ride as it will get alot colder then. This mornings bottom temperature was 8 degrees and that was before they started riding. Currently it is around 22 degrees, perfect riding weather.
The scenery is still sand dunes, low shrubs and grass and large termite mounds have started again. We haven't see any in the last few days but they have just started to appear in abundance again. Mark and Ben came up the rear and made it just in time with 17 seconds before morning tea cutoff at 10 am.
No other breaks today.
We arrived in at Coral Bay around 11 am and met up with Annie who came to greet us at the Backpackers. Everyone dribbled in before lunch and settled into the backpackers.
Everyone made the most of the beautiful location, in the afternoon. We went snorkelling even though the air was cool, the water was lovely and warm. The water is cloudier and the coral is dead closer into the shore than it was the last time we were here. I am concerned the coral is dying and we won't get to snorkel around here next time we come.

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  1. Coral Bay looks like a lovely little spot for a stop over. So enjoying reading your daily blogs. Would really love to do this ride one day. Will it be run again next year????
    Cheers happy riding folks you are all doing so well. cheers Lisa