Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 29 Jurien Bay to Guilderton 150 kms via the Pinnacles

The wind is blowing up a storm early this morning and it was blowing in the right direction so they were on their bikes early. Ben, Peter, Annie and Joan were all heading out to see the Pinnacles before morning tea. The clouds started to appear quite early but did not threaten rain in the morning at all.
Morning tea was had at a rest area next to a huge sand dune with a wonderful view to the Indian Ocean. I am going to miss the Indian Ocean. It is a different colour to the Pacific Ocean or Port Phillip Bay. It has beautiful clear waters and white clean sands.
The group were just blown down the road to lunch with top speeds over 50 kms/ hour by all riders and the top riders (Annie) gaining speeds of 63.3 kms/hour for the day.
Annie was experiencing a shooting pain in her gluteus maximus going down her leg so she managed these speeds with an injury although when she arrived in camp she was having difficulty walking with a new pain in her opposite hip joint. She states she has had this pain before and it doesn't last very long. I offered to stretch the joint while Chris pushes the head back into the socket but funny thing she wouldn't let us have a go. Truthfully Chris and I couldn't bring ourselves to do it anyway. A nice hot shower and some Voltaren cream seemed to make a difference.
We managed to get in without a drop of rain falling on our heads but as soon as we started to unpack, it bucketed down. Everyone had decided to take cabins due to the rain. Collis was going to make us sleep in the back of the truck but Annie talked him into letting us get a cabin as well. Thank goodness as it hasn't stopped pouring ever since. The forecast states it should rain most of the night but ease off in the morning. I hope they are right and our final day is clear and dry. It is hard to believe this leg is nearly over.

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