Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 19 Hamelin Station to Denham via Shell Beach 103 kms

Off and running this morning as everyone was excited to get to Shell Beach for morning tea. A few of the riders went into Hamelin Pool to look at the Stromatelites and the old Telegraph Station on their way this morning. Everyone was spread out down the road as Collis, Chris and I passed them with Woody up the rear.
Shell Beach did not disappoint again and was as beautiful as ever. The water was pretty chilly but Ben and Peter were brave enough to go for a swim. The water was crystal clear and the sand and shells pure white.
Woody did not turn up for morning tea so we assumed he had cycled past (as he said he would) and he will quite often do this. We waited until 11.30 for him but then we headed into Denham and would stop and check he was OK when we passed him. Needless to say we didn't pass him on the way in so we dropped off Chris at the chemist and went back to look for Woody.

We at last passed a few emus (alive ones) on the side of the road so they are still around. The other riders were wondering where we were heading when going in the wrong direction but did not seem too concerned. Found Woody who stated he thought Collis had at last taken him at his word and not waited around. He was fine but was happy to get a red bull and some cookies to keep his energy levels up. He ended up stopping off at the Aquarium, had a coffee and watched the feeding of the shark, so thoroughly enjoyed his day.
At the Denham caravan park we had been given a different position to where we had been situated last visit. We were closer to the toilets and the camp kitchen but the area looked a bit like a car park (as described by Ben). We had 3 sites which were quite big areas but it was difficult to determine where the site stopped and where the driveway began. So we did a single layer of tents across the whole site with the first comers and then Ben and Joan were unfortunately placed in the front row closer to the driveway. Neither were very happy with this at the beginning, as they feared for their safety, but it was the same for all of the other campers and everyone was aware of the need to drive out with caution. We are again sleeping on shell grit but the kitchen and the toilets are top class. One thing that was noticeable was that all power outlets were boxed in with signs up of no recharging of electrical goods. Hmmmmm, I'm sure we will find a way.
Ben and Joan seemed to ride off on all made roads that came off the road into Denham and Ben said it had been an afternoon of swimming at every beach. Ben tried a couple of unmade roads but Joan was not so game. They were both in fairly late afternoon.
A few of the riders decided to check out the carnival that was on in town and were sadly disappointed by the lack of numbers attending the fair, the prices charged for the rides and the poor variety of rides on offer. No one stayed very long. Annie ran into her Irish friend again and they went out for a night on the town. The two shared this seafood platter I had eyed off but was told it was too expensive at $98.00 for two. Apparently it was to die for with lobster, squid, prawns, 3 different types of fish and more. She got home in quite a happy mood around midnight.

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