Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 15 Minilya to Carnarvon 137.8 kms

It's hard to believe that we are down to 7 riders for this leg. Poor Chris is planning on staying with us in the car until we reach Perth. It will be difficult for her getting in and out of the truck but she wants to stay with the group. She has a large dressing on her wound that will need daily attention as well but how frustrating it is going to be for someone who is always so active.
With the extra packing, putting Chris' bike up on the trailer and following up on the insurance information required for Chris then we were a little late getting to the morning tea stop. Everyone was very understanding and not fazed at all. They are a great little group.
Annie and Ben rode together most of today, they tried to jump on with Georg but he doesn't like riding and chatting so he encouraged them to leave him.
Woody was riding with Peter for awhile until he lost him.
We followed a long red soil sand dune all the way for about 50 kms up till morning tea and then it all dropped away. Gum trees started to appear after a long time without them. There were goats near where we stopped for lunch and we saw an emu just after lunch. Heaps and heaps of road kill today which coincides with Collis' report last night of lots of animals on the road when he was driving back from the hospital.

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