Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 28 Port Denison to Jurien Bay 130 kms

I had to keep Collis hostage this morning as he woke at 4.30 for a toilet visit and then hopped back into bed for 15 mins when decided he was wide awake and couldn't sleep any more. Rubbish, it was once again freezing out there. There is no way he was going to be allowed to get up and wake the whole camp at 4.45 am. He protested, then slept for a short period and tried again to get out but I held on tight and he didn't get up until 6 am. Woody congratulated me on keeping him for so long as he ,Woody, did not have to listen to his insistent coughing, his fiddling in the trailer, his opening and shutting the car doors and his walking around the campsite looking for things. Collis thinks he is quiet and gets annoyed with me because I can't remain in bed once he is up and rummaging. Theo is another early riser and I was greeted by both of them in the camp kitchen this morning. I must say it didn't feel as cold as yesterday morning so hopefully the colder mornings are a thing of the past. Ha ha!
We had morning tea on the side of the road but with a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean. Georg woke in a bad mood this morning after bad night with pain in his ribs. He wasn't listening to the briefing so he ended up riding an extra may be 10 kms today as he went into Dongara and out again. This did not improve his demeanor at all but lucky we are used to all our different moods so we just ignore Georg until he decides he wants to talk to people again. This usually doesn't occur until the end of the day when he has had his shower and a beer. The routine was the same today and all ended up happy.
Lunch was at Green Head opposite the caravan park. The sun had come out and it was very pleasant spot for a break. A few weeks ago the sand dunes were a vivid red colour, today they were pure white. The changing colors of the scenery is unbelievable. Today we saw lots of new flowers along the way which were all quite stunning.
We got in at the usual time and they placed us at the front of the caravan park right near the camp kitchen. Collis and I unloaded before heading down to the marina. This was quite a long walk but we had read that we could buy some lobsters down there if we were lucky to catch a boat coming in. No boats in sight and the factories situated on the other side of the marina all looked deserted. We turned around and headed back the way we came. We ended up buying dinner from the IGA next door to the caravan park and I am too embarrassed to say what we ended up eating for dinner. It was not a very healthy meal.
We got back and Chris appeared in the kitchen with a new haircut so Annie and I rushed off to the local hairdresser hoping to catch her before she closed up. She was a nice young girl who had bought the shop just a couple of months ago and was making a real go of it. She did a good job giving us both a trim for $32.00 each. Good prices and nice cuts for both of us.
Georg is still suffering with pain in his ribs and he has so far refused to take any pain killers but tonight he has succumbed and taken 2 panadol. I hope he gets to have a decent nights sleep although he is camped close to the car and he does snore quite loudly so maybe not a great sleep please Georg. Actually quite a few tents are very close to the car so it may get noisy overnight.

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