Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 6 Peawah to Point Samson 130kms

We were the first up in the camp today. The other campers were probably cursing us. It was really windy overnight but nothing seems to have blown away. I heard something sounding overmuch like a cow near the truck before I got out this morning and thought it must have been Mark moaning about the noise. Apparently it wasn't Mark but an actual cow in the rest area.
Ben was off like a bee in a bottle this morning, he said it was because he was cold. He left early (before Joan) and took off down the road at a hundred miles an hour. He was in Roeburne by 10 am.
The wind is mostly behind them today and occasionally across them but better than the last 2 days. Typical as I had decided I wouldn't ride on days following a bush camp. Thought it also a good chance to give the behind a rest.
We checked out the Whim Creek hotel to make sure it was closed. Yes the place is closed down but the caged birds are still there so there must be a caretaker of some sort. The copper mine that owned it has also gone bust. Wonder how much they want for it?
Heaps of water in the Sherlock River where we had morning tea. Georg, Peter and Ben didn't stop for morning tea and we didn't catch Peter and Ben until the end of the day. Georg was waiting for us at Roeburne Roadhouse at lunchtime but the other 2 had ridden on. After morning tea they had the best tail wind ever and Annie's top speed was 40 something kms/ hr and she wasn't even peddling. Once they turned off towards Pt Samson they had a bit of work to do but that was only (I can say that when I'm not riding) 20 kms.
Everyone was in by 2 pm even with some side trips but Joan was missing. She didn't turn up until much later but we weren't all that concerned as she is often heading off on her own either on foot or on bike. Lovely camp ground and we (or most of us) opted for the snapper, chip and salad special for $15 provided by the caravan park. They over catered and we ended up with 2 extra servings so this was really excellent value. The manager is a really nice guy and he has offered the mini bus to the riders for their use tomorrow for free. How nice is that!
No hermit crabs sighted tonight. Sorry Gayle it was you that they were attracted to last time. It's a bit strange doing this trip again so soon after the last one. I feel we have just continued around and there has been no break in between, everything is just so familiar.

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