Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 2 Goldwire Rest Area to Sandfire Flat 168 kms

Currently sitting at the morning tea spot and it is belting down with rain. The riders except for Mark are out in the rain. The rain must hurt them as it is coming down really hard. I hope they have managed to find some trees for protection.
The camp area last night was very comfortable except for the mosquitoes during the night. I rose early and went for a 2 km walk and then did half of my workout plan. I've had this plan to exercise most mornings but I haven't managed more than 3 mornings over the last 3 months. This stage, my aim to to increase my fitness levels and Peter S and Annie have agreed to join me. I plan to ride most days from Day 4 onwards with Collis jumping on the bike at morning tea or lunch depending on how far I ride. Now that it is in writing then I will have to stick with it.
The rain hasn't eased off yet and Mark is still sitting here at 11 am. Lunch is planned for 50 Kms further down the road at midday. We will have to leave very soon.
Mark ended up in the car as we couldn't send him out in that rain, it would have been cruel and we had to get out of there or we could have been really stuck- the water was rising quickly across the road out of the rest area. We met up with all the others at 12.15 in a parking bay. No-one was able to avoid the downpour but no-one was complaining. It amazes me how the riders just accept the rain but are not so forgiving with the wind or the road surfaces. The rain had stopped by the lunch stop and they were on the road again. Lots of water lying around so I'm sure there will be mosquitoes again tonight. The flies have come out in force since the rain stopped- little annoying flies that stick to you.
Everyone was in camp by 4 pm and quite a few disappointed faces due to the conditions at Sandfire Flat Roadhouse. There is no grass although under the trees is quite nice and appears secluded. Ben and Joan have taken this option. Annie has taken a motel room and Georg and Woody are sharing a donger. The rest of us are braving the dirt and the non powered site area. Those riders that thought we had it hard in a few other facilities are in for a surprise. We have just been informed that the kitchen takes the last order at 6.30 pm and closes at 7 pm. The laundry is out of order. There are alot of peacocks and geese wandering the grounds and I hope they don't plan on perching in the trees above the campers during the night. It's 4.30 at the moment and lots of caravans are coming in with one unwisely parking right next to our table with the food boxes on it. Big mistake when the morning comes.

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