Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 3 Sandfire Flat to Pardoo 140 kms

Everyone had a cosy sound sleep last night. We all must have got at least 8 hours. It was a lovely cold night perfect for snuggling down in the sleeping bag or under the doona.
Joan has left at 6.15 this morning which is 15 minutes earlier than yesterday. Hope she's not waiting too long for morning tea. The terrain is very flat today although the riders are noticing slight occasional inclines over old sand dunes with a gentle decline following (in other words undulating). From the car it looks like flat low shrubs as far as the eye can see. Lots of wattle and flowering shrubs. The soil is very red still even though we are getting closer to the coast.
It is exciting getting closer to the ocean. We can see huge sand dunes on the horizon off to our right (and it's not the Sandy Desert). I just found out the Great Sandy Desert is the 2nd largest desert in Australia, next to the Great Victorian Desert. Chris had me convinced last night that the Vic Desert was in Victoria so that is what we told Joan but Collis enlightened me that this was wrong so I googled it. The Great Victorian Desert is in WA and across to SA.
Arrived at Pardoo by 2.30 pm and still waiting on Mark to get in. We have nice grass to sleep on tonight and a large area all to ourselves. Everyone has enjoyed the ride today with the weather perfect and the wind usually across them and on occasions behind them. The group is starting to settle in and getting used to the smaller group ( less people to socialize with and therefore having to get to know each other even more intimately than before). Most of the riders went into the roadhouse for dinner, I'm not sure why no-one took me up on the offer of leftover chilli con carne and fresh salad. It may not have helped with Collis stating the chilli looked like a colostomy bag at lunchtime. Ben cooked for himself and helped us finish off the salad. I haven't heard how the meal was at the roadhouse but I do know it was expensive for what is was. The roadhouse is looking more rundown than the last time we were here.
Early to bed again as we have been driven indoors by the midgies again.

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